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Baggs Info
Baggs Info
Chanda Rowley, Principal

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Main Office: 307-771-2385
Fax: 307-771-2388

3705 Cheyenne St.
Cheyenne, WY 82001


27 days ago

Welcome To Baggs Elementary

Home of the Bobcats

The Great Kindness Challenge

Last year our school participated in "The Great Kindness Challenge" by performing  several acts of kindness to others in our school and community.  Mrs. Kelly, our principal, challenged our school to perform 10,000 acts of kindness.   Although we did not make our goal (we reached 9,156 total acts of kindness), it was a great learning experience filled with life lessons that hopefully our students will carry forward.

Also, because of our school's participation in "The Great Kindness Challenge", we were acknowledged as a Kindness Certified School and received a certificate and seal for making a positive difference in our school, community and in our world.



For the month of January, our school will be conducting a Food Drive. Students can bring non-perishable items throughout the month and drop them off at the library. All our food items will be donated to the new food pantry in town called, “We Can” that will open during the middle of the month. The class that brings the most items will be featured on our school website and receive a fun day during their library class. Baggs Elementary is focusing on kindness during January and we are excited to impact our community by thinking of others. Thank you in advance for your support and generosity!

SchoolWay App

Stay informed with what is happening in our school.  Download the Free SchoolWay App.

It is available for download on the App Store, Google Play other devices on Web App.

All you need is our Baggs WayCode (9defrh) and you will start getting Push Notifications once you have subscribed to Baggs School.

Any questions, call Baggs at (307)771-2385

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walking club

Has your student talked about the "Walking Club"?

Mr. Cordell, our PE teacher, has started this activity for our students this year. 

Movement and exercise is so important to a child's health and mind that we are making it a priority out at recess that all students are moving in one way or another.  If a student isn't playing another game or doesn't want to play on the equipment, they can do Walking Club for recess instead of just standing or sitting around. 

Each student is having a laminated card made for them. They can take this out to recess and walk on a certain path that has been designated by Mr. Cordell on the playground.  Their cards will be scanned to keep track of the number of miles they walk.

The more miles they walk the more rewards they will get!

Check out this link that has a video of what this club is all about

Recess Schedules:

Still to be determined for the 2017-2018 school year

AM Recess    10:00 - 10:15
K - 2

PM Recess
     2:15 - 2:30
4th and 5th

Lunch Schedule

Lunch                            Lunch Recess

k-2     11:35 - 11:50      11:50 - 12:15

3 & 4  12:00 - 12:20      12:20 - 12:40

5 & 6  12:25 - 12:42       12:42 - 1:05

Visit the nutrition Services website at:
School lunch menus, school lunch payment options, free and reduced meal applications, nutrition education and fitness information.
  • To apply for free or reduced meal eligibility -
  • To make payments to your student's meal accounts -
  • NEW! Free Mobile Menu App "Web Menu" is available in the App Store.

What's for breakfast AND lunch?

Did you know we serve Breakfast?  Our Cafeteria is open 8:00 am everyday for all students.

Breakfast prices:

Students $1.25

Reduced (set by USDA) $0.30

Adult $2.00

Lunch prices:

Students $2.40

Reduced (set by USDA) $0.40

Adult $4.00

two students sitting at table eating lunch

Doctor Appointments

If your child has an appointment in the morning or is running late, please call the school at: (307) 772-2385, so that we can order a lunch for them. 

Any student that checks in after 9:00, that has not called in to give us their lunch choice, will be given Entree #1.

cartoon image of a Doctor and a child

cartoon image of girl investigator

Lost and Found

Are your students missing any coats, hats, lunch boxes or other items?  Check out our lost and found box located outside the library.  Lost items such as jewelry, phones or glasses will be held in the office.

box top for school label

Keep saving and sending in Box Tops for Education to support Baggs.

picture of cloud, sun and rain

It's that time of year when our weather is constantly changing.  Our kiddos attend recess outside on a daily basis and If you are dropping your students off in the morning,  our doors do not open until 7:50 am. Please send your students to school with weather appropriate clothing as we want to keep them protected against Wyoming's weather.


27 days ago